Grad Dip (CompSci), BEng(Honours), MAppSci(OrgDyn)

Claes AginClaes is a facilitator, coach, teacher and business optimisation consultant. He is an organisational development consultant collaborating with individuals and organisations, drawing upon his knowledge in systems psychodynamics, engineering and information technology. For the last 10 years, Claes has worked as a management consultant in the infrastructure industry in a range of roles engaging stakeholders from Board level down. He has taught in the Master in Organisation Dynamics at RMIT since 2010. Prior to his career in management consulting, he held senior management positions in technology organisations where he collaborated on, articulated and implemented business systems and strategies. He recently joined a group of independent consultants called “In Collaboration”.


Journal articles

Agin, C. (2011). Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: A case of splitting in intergroup relations. Socio-Analysis Agin, C. (2011).


Conference Paper

Growing Engineers: changing experience through metaphoric relations delivered at ISPSO Synposium 2011, Regeneration in Organisations: Psychoanalytic Perspectives