Deputy Chair

dr judy kent

Dr Judy Kent’s career as an organisational and executive consultant spans 30 years. In that time she has worked with senior executives from a wide variety of industries and countries to help them improve their leadership capability while achieving business results in an uncertain global environment. Judy has worked as an Associate with Melbourne Business School-Mt Eliza Executive Education for 14 years. In that capacity she designs and delivers customised and open leadership programs for many public, private and not for profit organisations. She is also an executive coach.

In her own business Judy consults with managers, executive teams and Boards to help them achieve outcomes while reflecting on their group dynamics, their individual roles and their ability to influence their environment and the engagement of their people. Judy’s study through the RMIT COS Group in organisational role analysis and systems thinking complement her passion for helping people thrive in organisations. She believes in using theories and tools as an aid to understanding the complexity of organisational environments.


  • Doctorate in Organisation (Human Systems and Psychodynamics) (RMIT University)
  • Masters of Applied Science (Organisation Dynamics) (RMIT University)
  • Diploma in Education (Monash University)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Flinders University, Adelaide)
  • Waite Board Step Program

Accreditations / Certification

MBTI (EII), FIRO-B, Looking Glass (CCL), Skillscope, Benchmarks, Hogan 360, The Leadership Circle,
Belbin Team Roles, DISC, ODi programs: FADE problem solving, Voice of the Customer, Process Improvement, Managing for Productivity,

Professional Affiliations

  • National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia
  • Group Relations Australia
  • International Society for the Psychoanalytical Study of Organizations

Recent Papers and Publications

‘Blessed Are the Cheesemakers: How a Leader Takes Up His Role as a Transformational Leader and the Subsequent Impact on the Organisation ‘Socio Analysis’ Journal, vol 7, 2007

Envy or a Simple Lack of Respect? Why all the Hype about Generational Differences? ‘Socioanalysis’ Journal, vol 14, 2012

Our Fathers, ed J Macpherson Kent, Collett, A. Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 2014 (A sociological study of the fathers of a cohort of primary school students in Adelaide 1962)

Our Mothers, ed J Macpherson Kent, Sutcliffe, AC, Collett, A and Charlton, B. Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 2015 (a sociological study of the mothers of a cohort of primary school students in Adelaide 1962)