Statement of Purpose

NIODA’s purpose is to ‘provide education in systems psychodynamic approaches for the improvement of organisations, community and society’.



NIODA's vision is to be recognised and utilised as the centre of excellence in Australia in academic programs, research and consultancy in applied systems psychodynamics to improve capability and grow resilience in individuals, groups and organisations. 



NIODA's values shape and inform all that is done at the Institute. They are of particular importance in informing planning and are reflected and lived in implementation.

Openness: We challenge ourselves to be open and transparent in all our relationships. 

Collaboration: We aim to work towards collaborative relations and relationships in all our endeavours. We understand that this takes thought and effort.

Respect: We understand that all constructive work relations rely upon mutual respect. This includes respect for differences.

Dialogue: ‘Dialogue involves working with others collaboratively on problems for which the best solutions are not yet known’.* This presumes a commitment to working things through to a point where differences (of ideas, opinions and beliefs) can not only be tolerated, but can usefully co-exist to produce new ways of thinking and doing.

Reflection: We value reflection as a process of making space and time to consider, thoughtfully and with curiosity, the current realities of the organisation, its context and the people most affected by it. It is a sense-making process that can bring new insights and maintain our focus on the purpose of the organisation.

Creativity: We value creativity and curiosity as a powerful resource in everything that we do.

Rigour: We seek to be thorough, diligent and rigorous in our efforts both to fulfill the purpose of the organisation and in striving for academic excellence. This is reflected in the high standards that we set.

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