Deputy CEO and Director, NIODA Consulting

BA (Psych), Dip Ed, M.Ed (Policy & Admin), PhD

Brigid Nossal

Brigid Nossal is Director of NIODA Consulting. She brings a wealth of experience to this role having worked as a consultant to organisations for over 20 years. Brigid specialises in leadership development, business improvement and work culture diagnosis and transformation through Executive Coaching/Role Analysis (individual and group) and Action Learning oriented consulting interventions.

Brigid combines academic research and teaching with organisational consulting. Applied systems psychodynamics is central to her work. This means that the emotional and task-focused dimensions of client experience are considered within a broader system context. Attending to ‘below the surface’ issues at the same time as examining task-related roles, structures and ways of doing things as a co-creative process with clients, delivers sustainable change for the better. Clients report feeling freer to focus on work tasks and better able to mobilise their creative energy in the service of organisational goals.

Brigid consults to a broad range of both public and private sector organisations. She is also an active educator, teaching and supervising up to Professional Doctorate level in Organisation Dynamics. 

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy (RMIT University, 2007)
Master of Educational Policy and Administration (Monash University, 1992)
Diploma of Education (University of Melbourne, 1985)
Bachelor of Arts (Psych) (University of Melbourne, 1982)
Socio-analyst (Fellow, Australian Institute of Socio-Analysis, 2004)
Accredited in the M.B.T.I., 1998

Papers and Publications

‘A Perfect Storm: the rise in bullying claims in the context of change’ with Fred Wright, presented to the ISPSO Symposium, Santiago, June 2014

 ‘Collaboration and the Future of work: an intimate exploration’ with Jennifer Gale, (CEO, Kyneton Hospital) presented to ISPSO Symposium, Oxford, July 2013

 ‘The Use of Drawing as a Tool in Socioanalytic Exploration’, in Socioanalytic Methods: Discovering the Hidden in Organisations and Social Systems, Ed S. Long, Karnac: London 2013

 ‘Beyond the Family Psychic Template’ with S. Long in Group Relations Conferences: Tradition, Creativity and Succession in the Global Group Relations Network, Vol III, 2012

 ‘Myth Busters – who you gonna call? Consulting to group myths and the risks associated with exploring the illusions’ with Jinette de Gooijer, presented to the ISPSO Symposium, Philadelphia, June 2008

 ‘The Opening Up of a Different Kind of Space: ORA from the client’s perspective’, with Wendy Harding in Socio-Analysis, Vol 10, 2008

 ‘Systems Psychodynamics and Consulting to Organisations in Australia’, Unpublished PhD thesis. 2007

 ‘It’s a dog eat dog world out there! Competition, Collaboration and Consulting’, presented to the ISPSO Symposium, Haarlem, June 2006 (also published in Spanish and German).

Professional Affiliations

Group Relations Australia (Committee of Management, incl. Secretary 2005-2008)
National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA, Deputy CEO and Director, Consulting)
Organisation Development Australia (ODA)
International Society for the Psychoanalytical Study of Organizations (Board Member)
The Grubb School, past Faculty Member
MIECAT, Faculty, Doctoral Supervisor