Rob Ryan is a Senior Associate of NIODA Consulting and provides consulting services in team and leadership development, strategic planning and evaluation, organisation and service reviews, governance and coaching in government, business and not-for-profit sectors.

In his twenty-three years of working with government, not-for profits and educational organisations, Rob has worked creatively and successfully, consulting to a wide range of clients in leadership, transitions and change management. His experience is deep and varied - he works creatively to support clients in achieving outcomes and bringing wisdom to their work.

His commitment is to collaborative design of organisational approaches that promote deep dialogue, shared thinking and solutions – often in situations where communication and implementation have been impeded. He has designed and implemented many Transitions Leadership programs as well as other Leadership development programs.

Rob’s approach is informed by his postgraduate studies in change management and extensive experience working in professional and voluntary roles in government and not-for-profit organisations. He has high level skills in designing and leading many change projects, and guiding individuals and teams in their professional development, e.g. board chairs, CEOs, leadership teams and other work groups.

He has supported many organisations in reviewing and developing their processes, roles, structures and processes, has coached many leaders and has also held senior leadership roles in many not-for-profit organisations.