cogs1 8907 300x200NIODA Consultants work in partnership with our clients to design consulting interventions that meet the unique needs of each organisation.





Primarily, we seek to engage people in a collaborative process of:

  • analysing,
  • making sense
  • creating insights

that deliver:

  • better decision-making
  • adaptive changes 
  • sustainable outcomes

to positively impact: leadership, service design, workflow systems, roles and work culture.

 Our approach strives to be relevant, practical and able to be immediately applied to improve the organisation.

We are guided by a number of living assumptions. By ‘living’ we mean dynamic, responsive and available to be questioned and reshaped to reflect the current realities of clients and their organisations. The following is a best attempt to define these assumptions:

  • Organisations are essentially people behaving. The question is, how they behave and whether this behaviour is in support of the organisation’s primary task and purpose or unwittingly works against it.
  • Organisations are made up of many interacting individuals, groups and systems. These include social, emotional and task-related systems that function in both conscious and unconscious ways.
  • To create opportunities to reflect upon the experience of working in the organisation can create leading intelligence that can both inform organisational planning and grow people’s capacity and appetite for the work task at hand.
  • Any work worth doing will create some level of anxiety. Organisations, as living systems, create structures and cultures that serve to manage this anxiety. To make this explicit opens up different choices about what works best in the service of the task.