pills 1135 300x200NIODA Consultants have specialist qualifications and expertise in Organisation Dynamics.


This means that in addition to their process and expert consulting capabilities, they:


  • are skilled in using themselves and their emotional experiences of the organisation as important sources of data for the work;
  • tolerate the anxieties associated with not-knowing, so that deeper insight into clients’ experiences and conundrums are able to be discerned;
  • believe that learning from experience is fundamental to the capacity of individuals, groups and organisations to grow and develop creatively in ways that serve the interests of the organisational task and the needs of the people whose job it is to perform the task;
  • understand that conscious and unconscious processes can influence the ways in which organisations are structured;
  • believe that creative work in organisations is dependent upon systems, structures and ways of working that provide appropriate containment for the anxieties that any work naturally engenders and
  • Are committed to working with colleagues who can think together and work through likely parallel processes.