pexels photo 827524 Intuitive Leadership

A Workshop with a Difference
 24 - 26 May 2018
Melbourne, Australia

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This three-day workshop will focus on developing new leadership ‘intelligence’ through work with organisational role analysis, horse ‘whispering’ (no previous experience with horses necessary, no riding - all work is on the ground.) and deep reflective practice.

Throughout the three days you will be invited to examine the way that you take up leadership roles through:

  • exploring your current roles in a disciplined manner
  • taking part in experiential exercises with verbal and non-verbal components and
  • reflection on and integration of your learning.

Group and team dynamics will be explored in-depth by pausing from time to time to note their occurrence in the ‘here-and-now’. This is a powerful way of learning from the experience of being a member of a group, while also learning about intuitive leadership and work roles.

Intuitive leadership draws on your intuitive intelligence as both a leader and a follower by learning to pay close attention to your experience at both an unconscious level and in an immediately observable way. It brings together your past experiences and knowledge at cognitive, sensing and emotional levels. Intuitive leadership is not magical! It is hard won through the integration of:

  • cognitive and emotional intelligence
  • the development of negative capability (the ability to sit with not knowing)
  • reflective practice
  • associative thinking
  • personal scrutiny.

All of these capabilities require study and practice. In addition, leadership involves the capacities to influence, guide, inspire, direct, support, challenge, emotionally hold and enable others.

At NIODA, we use methods that examine and develop leadership as part of a whole of organisation approach – a systemic approach; beginning with Leadership Role Analysis – a type of Organisational Role Analysis (ORA).


Day one will introduce you to the concepts that support leadership role analysis, and give you some experience in working with role analysis. Group and team dynamics will be explored as they occur.

Day two takes you into new territory and will challenge you to work with horses in a safe setting with experienced horse whisperers. You will learn a new non-verbal language – the language of the horse and discover new ways in which you can lead. This day allows you to examine your own and others’ capacity to work at an intuitive, sensing and non-verbal level.

No prior experience with horses is required. You work at your own pace and learn much from observation. (Transport will be arranged).

Day three returns to the role analysis work and the opportunity to integrate the verbal, non-verbal and intuitive learning from both Days 1 and 2 day experiential workshop, you will:

  • Learn the conceptual background to the ORA method Understand and explore (experientially) how roles arise within a system and how you take, make and find a role
  • Explore your current work role using the ORA method
  • Practice using the ORA method with other participants


Organisational Role Analysis (ORA) is a disciplined and focussed method to help people understand and develop the way they take up their work role and its authority, responsibilities, accountabilities and relationships.
Distinctively, the ORA approach examines role rather than personality. Instead of focusing on the person and what they bring to the role, ORA construes the role within the wider system and context and explores how role, person, system and context are interrelated. ORA is a powerful leadership, coaching and consulting tool and can be used in a variety of different organisational settings.

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